Skeletons in the Closet

As time becomes your foe

The feelings die

In the closet to lie

The overcrowded skeletons

Which you fought so hard,

At the thoughts shuddered

And those were the ones

You pushed deep down to go.


And they get tired of waiting

To see you constantly hurting

And want to peek out

To see what is the new story

This time and so all about

That your dead inside will cry.


A constant state of sorrow

Miserable and failing—

Curious to know

How are you dwelling

To keep your sanity at bay

By strangling them everyday.


It felt so different many years after

When you left the door, first time ajar.

The sunshine fell in their hollows

Where eyes could have been.

And they felt quite shocked

Years later when you unlocked

This time smiling, you weren’t in woes;

Inexplicable like this to have you seen.

They pondered if you really got insane,

Wandering of having a new guest, again?


But, you called them out and told to leave,

It was so hard for them to believe.

The old now unwelcomed, how they have overstayed.

Pack up and live somewhere else you ruthlessly said.

You got new tenants on your way

They have arrived here to compensate—

The old ones now, unable to accommodate.

So only the new ones will stay.


You stated like if it was just a normal conversation

The way you had put them out in your invalidation;

And mercilessly you continue

That they are now long due,

Had stayed for years and few for a decade

And their use is over in the road ahead.

The new and old of your closet

When they finally met

In exchange of silent glances

Realised well their doubt

That you have thrown the old out

Like clutter, your ruined baggages.


~Rusa Bhowmik

Howrah, India

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