Progress is Not Progressive and Both Fail to Measure Humanity

by Mark Antony Rossi

Why does progress take so long?

Progress on any front is often held up by a part of the world keen on playing it safe, a part of the world afraid of change, and a part of the world that simply does not care.

Which group are you in?

Why are the intellectuals among us have little emotional depth? Willing to share a stale piece of statistical data but not even a story of personal encounter — past or present.

Why are the emotional among us are bad regulators of the dramatic display? How is it possible they eschew intellectual reasoning for the seemingly authentic experiences of shared stories?

When a society moves forward something is always left behind. What is lost becomes the residue of progress. I do not point this out to praise progress for I am not convinced humanity is ever ready for all its consequences good or bad.

Those who oppose progress are labeled luddites, deplorables and Neanderthals since debating the means and possibly the definition of progress is socially forbidden in a free society. Yet one person’s progress may be another person’s confiscation of income. Is it really fair or wise that some should be made poorer to help others with no means to support themselves?

If Charity is supposed to be a spiritual outgrowth of religious observance then how had it made its way into a government dedicated to separating church and state. This is yet again another example of progress in name only.

If we are willing to look back to the past, we should be honest about what is found there. And not paint over inconvenient truths that hard challenge preconceived notions The problem with what is termed nostalgia is it’s always framed in the most convenient picture meant to leave out facts that contradict its negative narrative.

Progress is not the measure of humanity and neither is progressivism a leap forward for society. The National Socialist State of the Third Reich destroyed that single-minded concept by creatively using its technology to incinerate millions in death camps while launching continental missiles at enemy cities. What amounted to sophisticated murder did not make them “progressive” even under a liberal socialist banner. Nor did it make them conservative or right-wing but rather a new hybrid of racist nationalism and welfare state socialism.

The only way to learn to accept the differences between people is to heal the human heart through familiarity; not separation. To give generously because your spirit is inclined to agree since there is dignity in donation and shame in taxation. To respect military and community service as a social lens powerful enough to show each other’s lives matters. And when the cloudiest day arrives, we fight together against doubt and disease that attempts to divide a people who cherish freedom. This is how we progress as a people by remaining grounded as individuals but loyal enough to come together at moments of critical need. In the final analysis, the best method to measure humanity enlists spontaneity as its North Star. The strength of the human spirit is at its zenith when unencumbered by posture or agenda.

This is why ideology is a poor substitute for our natural instincts of fair play. The unnatural push for control and conformity is at the heart of the human dilemma. We love politics but hate ourselves. We admire machines but detest rules. We dream of a better world while defecating on the present one. Our fate does not rest in gods or stars but in the accumulation of choices that pave our path in the wider world.

About the Author:

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York. He also hosts a podcast called Strength to be Human.

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