Month: August 2021


Expect the Unexpected

The world is obsessed with expect the unexpected swimming to reach the shore where everyone hides who they are.   An unprotected world with rejected hearts streets filled with broken parts and gazing afar before time, many a mile said everyone with a smile.   Now, it’s time to cry […]


The Sleep Deprived Eyes

The sleep-deprived eyes Often think of the moments, Moments that were once filled with Enthusiasm and joy.   The dry eyes succumb To the wet thoughts, clinched Through the subconscious mind How to erase the old beliefs?   The dried leaves have fallen From the trees, never going to Attach […]



कुछ रिश्ते जुड़ते, कुछ टूटते चले गए। सुलझते से कुछ, कुछ उलझते चले गए। निखरते, संवरते, बिखरते रहे कुछ। धागों में बंधे थे कुछ, कुछ बस खुलते चले गए। सुबह की पहली धूप की तरह। कुनकुने, सुकून से भरे थे कुछ। कुछ पिघलती हुई बर्फ़ की तरह। ठंडे, फिसलते हुए। […]



Eager for one more shadowed evening, Eager for one more intoxicated journey, Eager for another heart-wrenching voice That dignifies the melody of imperfection; Eager for the grace of generations, A magic that is bigger than a lifetime.   Awaited for the sweetness That drips through the wall of a closed-cell […]


My Netaji or My Gumnaami?

Befuddles me when I see him, Is he the same commander Or is he the wise, solitary saint? The world may play with his identity, his tribulations Only he could make a deal with the Devil To fulfill our tryst with destiny. Gumnaami may be no fraud, Subhash had his […]


Indian Nari

Why in the air of the modern Twenty-First Century, the mantra of “Save Girls, Educate Girls’’ repeatedly keeps on chanting? It is just to strongly highlight the hypocrisy of patriarchal society.   We all are aware that women are the source, creator, and power. But for the birth of a […]


Dream Merchant

With a gift of gab And a fetching smile, Wafted in my life like a scented breeze And stayed for a while Showing off colourful wares   You had a hypnotic voice, I was naive, I was ignorant Of your charm and your guile Got caught unwittingly in your snares […]


Sarabhai Sense-5

by Nourin N.K Last week, the much-awaited opportunity came into reality; that is to meet our Sarabhai. I was so excited that I couldn’t even eat my breakfast peacefully when she phoned to check whether I am available in my apartment or not. You would say I am exaggerating, but […]