Month: August 2021


God Bless You

by Gil Hoy Jack’s favorite breakfast spot was “The Breakfast Club.” He always ordered “The Jock.”  He’d been one in college. Egg whites, asparagus, tomatoes, and onions.  Jack was older now but still strikingly handsome. Trim and fit with a sun-bleached, brown mane and piercing blue eyes. Jack had an hour to […]


Ode on Solitude

Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse Sometimes a hell, sometimes a paradise She is caressing me in multitude ways Sometimes a friend, sometimes a foe Sometimes a dungeon, sometimes a fowl She is always with me as a confidant Sometimes being a fathomless abyss Sometimes being a brook of elixir […]


Dusk and Dawn – The War Zone

Hidden under the benevolent beams of the sun The stars came spying on the sun and fell in the foot of the moon. Conveyed it is a wise time, the dusk. Sniffing the smell of war; the birds were flocking around. The moon and the sun were standing straight opposite […]


The Culture Of Authority

Think not .. You are born only for serving others You are responsible for their welfare You have to perform umpteen duties You have to organise & manage others Your work is only to cook, do laundry… You aren’t, a housekeeper You, my friends, are more than that Don’t ever […]


Skeletons in the Closet

As time becomes your foe The feelings die In the closet to lie The overcrowded skeletons Which you fought so hard, At the thoughts shuddered And those were the ones You pushed deep down to go.   And they get tired of waiting To see you constantly hurting And want […]


True Love

God gives us a lot of things in life but if we disrespect it, then God takes it away from us. I realise that everybody is not lucky enough to experience true love in life. But, there are a few people who receive love as reciprocation. Trust and patience are synonymous with […]