Month: August 2021


Blossom Of Love

by Anuradha S. Bannore Aarya was lost in a pensive mood thinking about her dearest friends, Ashwani & Ashwin. Whenever she thought of those beautiful days spent together it brought a smile on her face. The secretive meetings of her friends was a master plan of Aarya. She was extremely […]



What if… What if this tornado stopped? What if I could catch it before it dropped. What if you could see me, lying breathless on my bed My face all red My thoughts attacking one another Either, rather, shudder, stutter… What if… Wandering… Confined… the most incredible part of the […]


A Borderless World

by Anantinee Mishra Whenever we allow our imagination to take reins, we allow ourselves to fantasize. What would it be like, to have a world without barriers? How would that morning be, where the sun shall shine down on one community, rejoicing the absence of the iron shackles that tie […]


Withered Feather

I feel like a withered feather Lost and powerless On the verge of giving up all the worldly sins I try to hold on to the fragments of my personality The good side mostly At least that is what I think it is I revisit the good days And remind […]


Expecting Rain (in D-Minor)

by Muthukrishnan Rajaram (1) “Expect rain at 5 PM” is the note that somebody had left for me in my mailbox today when I wasn’t looking. They must have dropped it in when I was asleep, busy building dreams that I do not remember now. I felt emotional when I […]