New Journey

I trusted her so much
but she cheated me bitterly.

I cared her every little thing
but she ignored me completely.

I always spoke the truth
but she kept lying to me.

I loved her genuinely
but she hated me without hesitation.

I kept following her
but she walked away all the time.

I tried to make her understand
but she misunderstood me always.

I tried to explain her
but she never listened to me.

I prayed for her every day
but she kept cursing me instead.

I worked hard to bring a smile to her countenance
but she never appreciated whatever I did for her.

I gave my heart and soul
but she never bothered to feel for it.

I tolerated every time she was hard on me
but she never stopped to dehumanize me.

Good or bad, I decided myself and gave up everything
but I promise to continue my journey even without you.

I wish you find a heart and soul
that you care, love, trust, understand, and believe.


~Yeshi Nidup

Phuentsholing, Bhutan ?? 

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