Dusk and Dawn – The War Zone

Hidden under the benevolent beams of the sun

The stars came spying on the sun and fell in the foot of the moon.

Conveyed it is a wise time, the dusk.

Sniffing the smell of war; the birds were flocking around.

The moon and the sun were standing straight opposite each other.

The war voice was raised by the moon against the sun.

Sun ran down the sky; pleased with the help of clouds to hide behind.

The angelic cloud till the time; deceived the sun,

turning its facet to orange and slowly to black.

Sun stood helpless and weaponless, unguarded.

Violated the rules of the war;

The moon along with the army of stars;

Won the sun and jailed the mighty in deep waters;

the moon conquered the throne at the top.

Darkness and Cold surrounded.

Demons and Carnivores raised a rambunctious roar of freedom

Bestowed by the god of evil, The moon.

Started its procession around;

Devasting the peace of the society.

Being unbearable of the iniquitous rule of the moon;

The sun struggled to breathe and fought with waters;

climbed the Battlefield, at the time of dawn.

Being afraid of the subjection of curse by the mighty; the ocean and clouds stood in the sun’s side.

Moon was devastated into pieces.

He was cursed to be waning and could be seen in perigee and full once in a month.

And aside from its beauty, it must see the evil side of being, and hold memories and tears of the creatures.


~Rithu Balasubramaniam

Chengalpattu, India

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