A Burdensome Duty

There was a lonely island in a distant sea,

where fishermen and businessmen settled.

A businessman who lost his wife was living

with his old mother on the seashore.

The export-import businessman used to

travel to foreign countries to sell his goods.

When weather was not suitable for traveling,

he would spend his time with his mother.

The old lady used to tell the stories which she

heard in her childhood from her grandmother.

The youthful spring was everywhere sending its breeze

with the fragrance of mango blossoms.

The devotees walking through the dawn and

few of them were singing their chants to God.

When the weather was comfortable,

the businessman started his journey to seek

his fortunes and anchored his boat in a

harbour, where he met a young tourist who

wanted a conch Shell. The businessman who

used to collect the conch from the island

went to give the conch shell to the tourist.

While conversing, a businessman came to know

that the tourist’s mother is his distant relative.

The businessman who has marriageable

daughter talked about his daughter’s marriage.

The young tourist, who lost his wife a few years

ago, accepted this proposal and the next day he went

to meet businessman’s mother who seemed

to be his distant relative.

It was a fantastic meeting with businessman’s

mother, who could recognise the young tourist.

There was fruitful conversation about marriage

of tourist and businessman’s daughter.

The settlement was finalised without dowry as

both the families were known to each other.

Few days later, both the families assembled in

the marriage hall, which was decorated nicely.

At the auspicious moment, bride and bridegroom

exchanged their garland with sound of conch.

Eventually the marriage was celebrated and

the tourist felt relieved of a burdensome duty.

                                                                                                    ~Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                                             New Delhi, India

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