The 22 Degree Halo

Appearing humbly before the earth every morn
Pestering for a date with earth, was its daily norm
The sun, disappearing slowly during every eve
A colourful departure, each day without reprieve.


The stubborn earth wouldn’t consent
As she had seen his changing colours at every descent.
He seemed so harsh during the time of noon
Her throat parched, as she craved to see the moon.


As if to defy all the blames and complaints
He humbled and sobered like the holy saints
Emerged from somewhere the diamond ring
Venus creeped in, and he was the only one witnessing.


Romance spread in the air, with cool breeze blown
A delight on the face of every onlooker, shown.
Each one captured the moment as a proof of love
The diamond ring glittered, pleading earth to behove.


An illusion in the skies marked the moment of joy
What a marvellous magic created by the convoy!
With stronger winds, each emerged to walk their way
The diamond ring disappeared with a vow to plead again someday!!


                                                                                 ~ Dr. Naaz Shaikh

                                                                                   Hosapete, Karnataka, India

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