Story Of Life

Night Light


Presence and absence,

The play of lights.

When the eyes close-

Into dreary darkness.


The iris craves for its delight.

The companion of Iris-

The Light.

It wanes and waxes-

To fill his presence-

To drink it in –

The great magnifier of Beauty-

The Light!


The Day is waste:

Without the Light.

The Night is mundane,

Without moon’s dewy light.

The stars that shine,

Is nothing without his absence.

The Beauty within-

Is unseen without the Light.


A blissful babe slumbers–

With her lids heavy-

Looking at the candle and its dancing red flame.

Her comfort in the dark.

Little does she know –

The candle vanishes with Time –

While she sleeps.

And the Morning Sun kiss her lids to wake.

The blooming pupils – wake to meet the Creator’s Light.


Same goes on –

It is the Story of Life.


                                                                                   ~Tania Alphonsa George

                                                                                               Kollam, India


  1. Beautiful ❤️

  2. Andrea Silvester

    My lady ❤ love ?? as always its magnificient

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