So that I Can be What I Was!

Frustrations’ are at Peak

Fears are about to leak

Life is nowadays…

an unfilled dream

Things are not

what they seem;

The days have grown gloomy again

Covid led to mourning rain;

Feeling lost and distracted

Dreams and smile are subtracted;

No moment is guaranteed

Future isn’t committed;

Time goes by and slips away

we are here for a short stay;

Earth’s beauty is still good looking

Moon’s radiance is indeed breath-taking;

Hope as much as possibly can

Dream as much as quickly can;

Must learn to replace frustration

Must learn to overcome trepidation;

Natural enemy is in light

Still we possess talent to fight;

Having hope will find a track

One day happiness will be back;

Fooling myself with these words

Trying to fly with flock of birds;

Having faith in my heart

This time too shall pass in cart;

Sometimes waiting makes me cry

I don’t know after thousands why;

Besides The hurt, the dejection, the emptiness

To overcome from this I am trying hard

Wishes to live within the moment

 feel everything that I can

revere time for all it’s worth

with everything I am




                                                                   ~Insha Rasool


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