Scary Fall

I was walking on a narrow wall
That was a feet wide and 8 feet tall
I had every chances to have a great fall
To come out again was not possible at all

I kept walking consciously at slow pace
In case I fall, would land up on the tiger’s face
The hungry tigers would not consider my race
There was no way to escape it’s chase

Holding a camera, I sat on the wall,
taking pictures of tigers jump and fall
Capturing its frustrations as it scratch on the wall
Filled in anger and despair it started to crawl

With satisfactory captures I was about to stand
Slipped off the wall, in the zoo I land
Came two tigers running with roars
With it’s claws and canine sharp as swords

I had no time and space to run for life
Had no option than to defend with a tiny knife
I gathered all my might to scream
Thanks god I was awake, it was a dream

                                                               ~ Deepak Raj Chetri 

                                                                 Phuentsholing, Bhutan

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