Month: May 2021



When the memories hit you….     It’s the dark which seems to go on forever, Spreading its mighty, mythical wings through the sky, Claiming its possession; marking its territory, Swooping through the low, soaring towards the high.   The ghost of your hand still remains on the small of […]


Village Drama

After a hectic schedule of a day under the scorching sun— The cattle; the family matters; and caring the paddy fields all alone. Murmured the village lad, ‘I need little rest after the moth hour. It may be on the porch or veranda or in the backyard or somewhere.’ A […]


Gratitude to Doctors

Starting from the rise of dawn You constantly sweet inside a gown From the early dawn to the fall of dusk You bear breathing through a suffocating mask   You are the humans with enough patience Treating all the people with the utmost compassion Living by the country’s and people’s […]


Shifting Paradigm

by Rowena Olicia It should never be teachers against the parents creating nuisance and problems against each other. It should be teachers and parents becoming one to conquer this difficult setup. Teachers like us are undoubtedly used to absorbing and working through all sorts of stressors and challenges and changes […]



by Rabindra Soni “What is the name of your paper “? Asked he. ” Ficfun sir, ficfun.” Said a student pronouncing the letter ‘s’ as ‘f’ perhaps had some difficulty. I wasn’t interested in their little talk so I got on my work and then I didn’t pay any attention […]


A Thousand Words

My heart went crazy, My throat dried. My hands started shaking, My feet went numb. I opened my mouth. A thousand words were said, But none were heard.                                             […]


Infinity Wings of Mind

If I were a bird, I would fly into the cosmic clouds. And love to look at the land beneath. If I were an island, I would love By people who will come around And enjoy the envious life for a sojourn. If I were the water, I would want […]


Pretty Dolly

Pretty Dolly, Waiting for prey daily, And when she finds him, She’ll hold him by the tie And tell him a good lie, Till with her he lies.   Oh the silly man, Who in her trap falls, If she dares to find That some more money he has, When […]



The day we are born on this earth, We are born naïve and a stranger to each other, I, you, and we know nothing about the world, The earth knows nothing about the people,   You are stranger to me as well stranger to you, The meeting with you for […]


नफरत करते है आप से!

हा, नफरत  करते  है  हम  आप  से ! आपकी  अनगिनत  गुस्ताखियाँ    से किये  वादे  जाने  आंजने मेह  तोरने  के  लिए आपकी  गुस्सा  से … हाँ , नफरत करते है हम आप से !   हाँ , नफरत  करते हैं हम आप से फिर भी आपको जोर थप्पड़ मरके  आप  को […]