Month: May 2021



There is a deep ocean motionless, It is replete with anxiety and stress, Somewhere lay a bright shining pearl, But when their gushing current hurl, Every hope ends with profound despair, Then you start losing your might and dare, People pick at you and give you trouble, They want to […]


The Covid Sky

There is another sky Ever agitated and unfair And there is another sunshine Through it be darkness there   Our eyes are tired of watching the horizon For a sight as red as blood To appear out of nowhere   The only thing that compares this scene All the gifts […]


The Loss

You made an inroad Into the dense forest Of my heart On wings of fire you rode And with the speed of wind Did you depart Leaving me Lonely, hurt and confused With so much Pain and anguish infused Inside  me Plus meandering shadows Beside me Sitting under a tree, […]


Hidden Powers Explored in Covid-19

by Insha Rasool Fear, misfortune, indignation, sorrow, staggering loss, professional loss, personal loss, and despair are all too common in today’s Covid world. We seem to be not only beaten but also destroyed by the coronavirus; we are not only helpless but also hopeless. The number of cases is recorded in crores, […]


Let’s Talk

Let’s sit and talk to you! Recall the memories of the past which tell us a lot and want to learn something. By reuniting those memories, we cry together once again. Remembering that happy moment, we once again smile together. Let’s sit and talk Relive some old memories once again. […]


Paradoxical Love!

by Swarnasankha Acharjee Subhangi is one of the most cheerful and lively girls you will ever come across. She is currently in her bachelor’s. A girl who is loved by all in the colony. She is quite pretty as well. Straight long lustrous hairs reached her lower back. Her eyes […]


A Ray of Hope

The world was in rejoice, The folks were no doubt experiencing the best days of their lives, But the planet was in deep grief, The cosmos once declared as being a holy place was now turning into grave! The oxygen now is priced, The mankind counted every tick of the […]


Still Standing Still from Eons

Oh! that had happened eons ago, then why? I still feel blue.   That incredible moment, still pinching my feelings. Sometimes I get trapped in flabbergast, like feet in bog.   Still standing still from eons, as my eyes captured the shadow of your smile. Waiting for that sunshine, which […]