Month: May 2021


So that I Can be What I Was!

Frustrations’ are at Peak Fears are about to leak Life is nowadays… an unfilled dream Things are not what they seem; The days have grown gloomy again Covid led to mourning rain; Feeling lost and distracted Dreams and smile are subtracted; No moment is guaranteed Future isn’t committed; Time goes […]


The 22 Degree Halo

Appearing humbly before the earth every morn Pestering for a date with earth, was its daily norm The sun, disappearing slowly during every eve A colourful departure, each day without reprieve.   The stubborn earth wouldn’t consent As she had seen his changing colours at every descent. He seemed so harsh […]



Life Keeps Rolling No Matter What … From BIRTH to DEATH It Shatters a Lot !!!   The Journey Isn’t Easy, but no one can Escape How you Travel is what .. Matters A Lot..   Joy, Sorrow, Anger, Love are all your Companions They are the ones that Scatters […]


Everyday Heroes

The invisible enemy attacks, catching people unawares mutating and multiplying, wreaking havoc worldwide. Donned in their PPE kits, helping hands of healthcare workers reach out, round the clock, on their feet without a break. The hospitals are nothing less than a war zone people manoeuvring in a frenzy, scurrying for […]


Anger in Love

Anger in love has always been seen, But none of the two is ever mean. Be it a father, Be it a mother. Be it a brother, Be it a sister. Anger in love has always been there, What arbitrates is affection and care You’ve anger in love with utmost […]


La Douleur Exquise

I live for the moments you smile; when the blue in your eye’s dances with joy, I live for when your laughter builds in your chest and you let it tumble out, I live for when you sing in your off-hand voice, and when you get the lyrics completely wrong, […]


E-Schooling for Pre-Schooling?

by Anamika Chauhan Education institutions across the country still remain close in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and its severe waves. With the closure of schools, educational institutions had turned to online classes. Online classes are providing students a way to catch up on the lost classes and continuation […]


An Energetic Carrier

Growing up in a small village, Mr. Romesh had been surrounded by nature.   At the age of sixty, he has been working as a farmer with people for the last few years.   Romesh who learnt job from his colleagues, made a nice garden around his house.   He […]