Never Give it Up

A new beginning towards success,

It’s a long process

It’s never going to end ,

We’ll keep moving from class to class

Until we become

Popular among the Mass.


A New Beginning is not always Fun

Sometimes it also makes us Run

Don’t Give Up Always keep trying

Don’t skip Hardwork and stop crying.


It doesn’t matter if you fail again and again

Success is what you need to gain


Never Give It Up! Never Give It In!

Throw the Fear in the Dustbin..



                                                                       ~Bhavya Mahipal

                                                                        Hyderabad, India


  1. Vinay Kumar Agarwal

    Very true. I totally agree.

  2. Great message. Most required at this moment. Very apt. Keep it up Vinay and Bhavya

  3. An inspiring poem with a good use of aliterations. Beautifully written. Good work Bhavya !

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