Me and Stars

Mom always used to tell me that

Whenever I missed her

Just see the sky

And talk to stars

Which will disguise her

In fact till today

When I am a grown-up

I still can’t disturb

This tradition

And glaring the sky

Make me feel secure

Feeling the blessings…

Hey star! So shiny star,

Why are you so far?

I miss you alot,

But you twinkle for so short.

Why you left me alone?

And why you call yourself mumma’s clone?

Mumma too left me in dark,

Made me talk to tiny white spark.

And you will too leave me in morning,

I will be drowning,

Drowning in pain and emotion,

But I still love you a ton.

I know you will come back,

And teach me how to fight dark.

I know you reunite me and mom,

Just like god unites Jerry and Tom.

Oh! I see the first ray of sun,

Time passes so fast just like bullet recoiling from gun.

I think it’s time to say bye,

But I promise till you return back I won’t cry.

Oh! Twilight is vanishing,

It’s hard to say bye but I am still learning.

Now I know;

Twinkle Twinkle grown-up star,

Now I don’t need to wonder what you are.

You are really on top and high,

Like my mom in the sky!

Like my mom in the sky!

Final bye

Until we meet again

See you soon!!!


                                                         ~ Parthvi Singh

                                                             Kichha, Udham Singh Nagar, India

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