Life Comes Full Circle

Life comes full circle

when we are grateful in our deeds and gesture

begin to admire and trust each other

understanding and empathy rule the roost

undiluted bliss encompasses body and core

Life comes full circle

as we sing rhymes in glory of the Lord

not just sing …

act as per admonitions of yore

remain calm and composed in any given situation

be it of happiness or of sorrow

Life comes full circle

when we bask in the glory of camaraderie

celebrate each nugget of life in soul and spirit

our mellowed exterior holds a mirror of positivity

and we command respect and good will

Life comes full circle

when we wage war with self

to evolve, be our better version

excel in performance of gone by day

embrace essence of sublime life

harp on hand holding and joy of giving

in each act of ours

and in every possible way.

                                                                  ~ Sujata Dash

                                                                 Bhubaneswar, India

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  1. Nice subject. Feel good while going through.