When They Settle for Less

When you see dream from them

And they don’t believe on their faith

You gotta motivate and challenge them

And trigger their emotions so that they can work hard and gain


Don’t let them be mediocre in life

Push them so that they can move ahead in life

Show them what happens when they settle for less

Challenge them so that they believe in themselves


You have to see big dreams for them

You need to say that you want them to rise and shine

And make them feel nervous and hopeful

So that they understand the meaning behind your words and put action on their work to remain mindful


Cheer them when they get into the field

Appreciate their efforts when they show up against their shield

Motivate them everyday by showing hope and threats

And let them move ahead and ask themselves to train hard to make it big in their way.


                                                                                             ~ Moin Uddin

                                                                                              Kathmandu, Nepal

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