Fear on 🚉Wheels 🚃

Seeing 🇮🇳 through its lifeline…

The Great Indian Railway…

First train journey post lockdown!

Wish Covid contagion-induced fear get knockdown!!


Unable to look the shining smiling faces!

Due to all around stretched rainbow masked traces!!

My thirsty throat looking around for some cold drinks!

Suddenly my fearful eyes watched IRCTC shop blinks!!


The chilled cold drink entered into thirsty throat!

Pushing aside my mask into airy float!!

Shopkeeper surprisingly noticed my face without mask!

It seems he might be given this task!!

To point out the passengers violating Covid norms!

Who cares ? My throat got refreshed through Sprite storms!!


My eyes went towards platforms!

Conscience find the violating social distancing norms!!

But, imaginary eyes entered into realty!

Who cares now👎👎 about Contagion cruelty!!


This is India…

Humans are here treated more or less like worms!

WTH! This Covid induced bullshit norms..!!


 Train started into full gears!

Immediately, fear on Wheels disappears!!


~Shonit Nayan

New Delhi, India

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