Carpe Diem, Lady!

Thy youth is feeble, so is transient

For Haven’s sake, let it not rot or clot;

Prohibit treacherous future time’s plot

Instead throw wet kisses,  n’ grow valiant.


Waters of the Torrens river clean and pure

None wants  to see stagnated;

Dazzling physique, soon be cremated

Hard autumn follows spring leaves, nature is so sure.


Chaste snow spreading over  Lofty

Destined to melt  at noon;

Chubby cheeks turn wrinkle soon

Oh ! world perturbed, honour desires’ probity.


Pearl-teeth-smile, kindles red fire

None could resist moral chain;

Like a tree in a blaze, watching you wane

Thou Nero plays pipe, all debauchery in pyre.


Coral lips pushing bounds

Come closer rest on mine;

Turn deaf to world, set free the line

Anoint my deep wounds.


Under the leaves, evoking rhapsody

Mingle into one- drift we alight;

Quench craving- a commencement flight

Erotic roll over- be canonised Lady.


                                      ~ Kuma Raj Subedi


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