A Voyage Of Change

Evolving is an adventure of a kind,

Where the past is left behind.

Inching towards new development,

As everyone wants some betterment.


By evolving, life is solving,

Adjusting, adapting; Wouldn’t it be thrilling?

Transformation leading to new levels,

But the first step always being ‘Struggles’.


Darwin’s theory led to a thought,

How the species within themselves outfought.

Genes vicissitude, mutate and alter,

Which build up chromosome to form another chapter!


For a caterpillar to emerge into butterfly,

Is how life gives another try.

Sprouting of a seed into a sapling to a tree,

Leads to the gargantuan forest territory.


Unfolding the neoteric ways,

As life gets into a contrasting phase.

The path leading to a change,

Where everything will rearrange.


And guess what is the most exciting part,

That you never know when it’s about to start.

Wonder, it could be happening now,

And with mystery unfolding somehow.


A journey where some risks you should take,

And along the way some mistakes you may make.

A sheer necessity for humans to thrive,

Indeed! Evolution is beautiful, magical and an exploration to be alive.


~ Tanvi Patil

Mumbai, India

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