Month: April 2021


The Puzzle

I  was  walking  sans   any  companion Out  of  blue, inadvertently, you  came Surprisingly, my  life’s  stark   journey All  the  more   glum  and  lonely  became   It’s  a  queer  paradox,  I  need  to  solve, That  the  serendipity  that  should   cheer  me, Is,  instead,  making  me  rather  morose Why  it’s  so,  while  […]


Poet and Poetry

The spirit inside me rejoice in the boon Like a stream and gushes Out of trilling beam Spread like a light Now and then Thought tickles out And pen down Painted on the wall With writ of gold ! Ah ! My heart grows and transcends Pure treasure of thoughts […]


Desire of Mine

I think about you everyday I feel you every bit of my life I see you every night in my dreams I wanna tell you How I feel for you each day But the voices inside makes me hush So I keep it down inside my heart. Hoping that nothing […]


Darling Harbour

Desperate to breathe- Like a thirsty bird flying over a ravaging fire- Lovers harbour their beloved – In selfies  and shots  On the lap of Darling Harbour.     Merchants and sailors’ footprints  Trodden pages of history in chips and cracks Ever-rising skyscrapers, on the foundation of toils and hardships […]



Deep inside the brain There is a fear That triggers me whenever I hear that name.   Acting, fine in front of all Hoping for the better days Trying to forget several Bruises all over my Praises   I struggled, I shrugged In a no-humanity place I survived, I revived […]


The Covid Ghost

 Alone, alone  all, all alone alone in a house of three doors and windows  although open locked inside are we thoughts and acts are all our own  the mind is working free boundaries strong  like walls are built  hardened to the core mortar, cement ghastly tiled, to every single door […]


Judge Me Not

Some call me ” a fool” some say “you are lousy” to some I am not upto mark I am often dismissed on grounds flimsy for I load my mind with humbleness and modest stuff act as per promptings of the above   If stealing a few moments from busy […]


Summer Storm

by Terry Wynne The back yard furniture lay strewn across the soggy lawn. Sheets of horizontal rain sprouted through the open screen windows. Harry’s pants and shirt were drenched as he slammed each window shut. Overhead, the tempest pressed downward, the storm roiling only a few hundred feet above. Lighting […]