Then and Now

Reminiscing days of fun and frolic

minutes seconds hours of yore..

that defied logic

is like holding on to exuberance and ecstasy


Simple joys then made sense

sweet nothings elicited more meaning

a little spin here…a little pace there

life was one step at a time


Chasing a kite

running those extra miles to pluck raw mangoes

catching butterflies…weaving gossamer dreams

filled holidays with swirls of magic

a sneak peek into nature’s chime

buoyed soul and spirit

ushered undiluted bliss


And I grew up

to visualise

how different things can be ..

how complex emotions, spoil glee

these bunch of realities ransacked my modest self

I yearned to eschew the rat race of power and pelf

In hindsight, the crucial juncture

prompted me to take a plunge

acted as a catalyst and paved my way to shore

my tweaks to the original recipe of happiness

made me build ties to bridge hearts

I learned to live life’s years

count on blessings, indulgences, and love.


                                                                                  ~ Sujata Dash

                                                                                   Bhubaneswar, India


  1. Pradeep Biswal

    Simply beautiful!

  2. Very well written!

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