The Voice She Hears

Walking down a street,

Eyes bright, head high

Hair cascading down,

Unbound, like the open sky.


Each step, exultant, joyous,

Every breath triumphant

Her feet, the earth, a caress,

Jubilant, glorious imprints.


A restive smile that plays,

Beckons, the world unknown

As though each sunlit day,

Has dawned for her alone.


The hopes that once were gone,

Are back, and stronger still

She walks, her steps lead on,

For now, she knows she will.


The winds as though have whispered,

Their secrets out to her

Dormant longings stirred,

Flung open every door.


Beyond the misgivings,

Where once she might have shied

The sky has granted wings,

Its arms are open wide.


She sings a tune, akin,

To dreams that have appeared

And yes, above the din,

The voice she hears is hers.


                                                                                                     ~ Rrashima Swaarup Verma

                                                                                                        Gurgaon, India


  1. Strong, powerful, impactful! Well done Rrashima

  2. What a sublime piece of poetry! A beautiful representation of the essence of womanhood!!

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