The Downfall

The world will kneel

With the earth for living,

For the payback from it

As for slaying its beauty.


The dice of life

Will roll to death,

But with no-one

To sing mournful songs,

No time to write

The epitaph for died ones,


We turndown

The prescient of nature,

Can’t fix chapters created

Being perfect here in no way,


The wise will fall,

Like no history

Wants to remember,


Life is now in limbo,

Of breathing tomorrow

Only with today’s survival,


Protecting the earth is

Potions for all disorders,

Love to guard the earth,

And our future

Will outshines all our past,


Else human will be blown

For the dust by wind,

Else the curve of life

Will stop to a point,

Else our souls will

Cry in shade of fears,

Leaving the beauty

Of the earth behind.


                                                                    ~ Diwakar Sapkota

                                                                     Arghakhanchi, Nepal

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