The Apparition

As I sat peering out of the window

An apparition I saw

A serene look it had

I could feel it’s eyes focused on me

It completely unnerved me

Boldly but in a shaky voice I asked

Who are you?

What do you want?

It just smiled & disappeared into thin air

Or rather..

It melted away from my sight.

Though scared to death

I yelled out in my feigned courageous voice..

Hey you! Whoever you are..

You surely are gutless to slither away

You tried to scare me but…

What an irony

I beat the life out of you!

Never again try your devious tricks on me

A loud laughter I heard

Glued to the floor I stood

Sweating from head to toes

I knew not what to say or do

My armour of valour in a second dropped

A bloodcurdling feeling asphyxiated me


The not so very serene faced apparition

Now stood very tall before me

Making me feel like a microorganism

Angrily it glared at me

As if to kill me

Then it smiled..

A friendly hand it stretched towards me

Terrified to the core I ignored it &..

Politely in a subdued voice said

Please don’t harm me

Sorry for being rude

What else could I do?

I was petrified..

There you stood staring at me

Out of nowhere you emerge and

You expect me to be calm?

Please don’t make any more such jumpy appearances!

I have an overflowing plate of problems

So kindly spare me from

Your weird games of appearing & disappearing acts

I find them neither interesting nor appealing at all!

The Apparition charged towards me

Staring angrily with its blood-red eyes

It hovered over my head

Squeaking & screaming it said..

‘To help you I came

You seemed to be so very burdened but

I guess I was wrong after all..

No wonder humans help only when asked to whereas

We help without being asked to..

Unasked kindness is a crime it seems

So I’ll leave you to brood in peace

Yes, I’ll do that but

Please do take care of yourself.’

The mysterious Apparition..

 Soon flew away

Leaving me in an enigmatic situation!


                                                                                                        ~Anuradha S. Bannore

                                                                                                    Vadodara, India


  1. a real creepy poem indeed ms bannore, notwithstanding, just like good and bad angels there are good and bad apparitions too and though they frighten with their invisibility they too shelter in their own way !
    your flight of imagination is really great !

  2. Thanks Ms Diwakar for your encouraging comment.

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