Snow: Flakes and Fall

The snowflakes,

leisurely lowering from the sky above.

Their endlessly swirling,

with an aphonic and portentous forecast.

They are plummeting with peace

and illuminating ubiquitously.

The wrap of white is;

supine, squishy snow,

set over the mounts and moor.

And are spotted by the mortal humankind,

who set out for some ebullience.

Thought by thought and flake by flake,

the subtlety of which can’t be defined,

as its distinctiveness divulges the mind.

Come down you flakes,

in a finery of pristine white,

heavenly fleck with elated glee.

My quintessence feels cleansed,

unfolding myriad mysteries.

At a juncture of hiatus,

I am overlooking gloom and discord.

And here I yearn your upcoming arrival.


                                                                             ~ Aadil Zeffer 


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