My Bosom Friend!

I went thousand and thousands of miles,

As far as the eyes could see the rainbow butterflies.

The rose garden, sunflowers and a small child

Was looking delight,

Under the shelter of spring

Like the magical and golden Nike’s wings.


The cream- pink petals of the mango trees,

Green, red and bright yellow at the crest

Of the honeybees.

The delicious smell of fresh, young

Fruits are hanging like an orphan shapes-

Tall, small, little, long,

Swinging heads slightly bend,

How beautiful you born, my bosom friend!


                                                                                    ~Monobina Nath 

                                                                                       Kolkata, India


  1. A lovely poem with beautiful depiction of spring. God bless!

  2. Nicely penned. Well done.

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