Ah, the evil world,

You divided the people,

Into factions of discrimination,

And now you ask about my love,

The embryonic love you kill,

The relation you broke.


My life is all bogged in her absence,

Nothing is now invigorating,

My mind is unsettled,

I am now all exhausted,

My heart stubborn to makeshift to others,

Her memories has been inalienable,

With all my attention absorbed by it.


Many a time and Often,

I wish my vision be gone,

For my eyes won’t make her shape,

Time after time,

I wish my hearing would be impaired,

To be stone-deaf when people ask about her,

At all time,

I wish my cerebration be all washed,

For my mind disremembers her,

For, I won’t remember her,

Each time people asked about her.


I now fear,

If I could give the same love?

Will my heart be submissive?

Will my heart feel proud?

For my future partner in life,

As it feels with you,

Cause you had been one and special for me.


However, my heart wishes,

I could meet you again,

Else, all your memories get dwindle.


                                                                                            ~ Sapkota Diwakar

                                                                                             Kathmandu, Nepal

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