Love at First Sight

You appeared to me as a posy of love

Beauty, ethereal as if fallen from above

Radiating peace, graceful and as soft as dove

Conquering my conscience pulling me out of behove


Your incessant smile got printed in my mind

The smile that portrayed a heart that was kind

That lasted for months in my heart twined

Towards you, my mind got ruthlessly inclined


Sparking like dimly lit starts were your eyes

That frequently looked at me to my surprise

Causing a surge of ecstasy in my heart to rise

My rampant heart stoop to love at first sight


In a moment I lost her sight, never to meet again

To train my heart to be calm is what I began

I let the feelings go, as freely as water flow

That brought peace in me causing my heart glow


The night befall and crickets started their songs

I lay down on my bed heart still beating as gong

Unable to decide, I kept thinking for months long

To love someone, at the first sight, was right or wrong


                                                                                                         ~Deepak Raj Chetri


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