Loneliness Loneliness,

Mind and soul independence.


The whole world has been confined within four walls,

It is shortly going to be twelve months.

Due to dreadful pandemic of the corona fear,

Everywhere people are isolated,

Society is completely devastated,

In school, college, office hardly anyone is there.

All of us are exercising our expertise in soft culture.

Most are attending work from home,

Many are suffering from depressive syndrome.

Total dependence on email, whatsapp and internet connectivity,

Physical appearance seen through video calling and virtual meetings.

Keeping distance and maintaining each one’s privacy,

There is no physical connection and lack of intimacy.


Loneliness Loneliness,

Mind and soul independence.


Besides pandemic also people feel they are alone,

Whom to blame? Society, lifestyle or selfish approach.

People are insensitive, no feeling for others,

Rare to get true friends during difficult moments,

Loneliness is the key for all tensions and stress.

Difficult to get true love, respect and cordial relations,

There is no trust among each other,

Sharing each one’s joy or sorrow are rare,

People still feel alone in crowded places.


Loneliness Loneliness,

Mind and soul independence.


People migrate for education and job to different places,

Cultural differences trigger their loneliness.

Due to mundane lifestyle and lack of patience,

Relationships often unnecessarily break.

That is the birth of loneliness.

Anyway all of us come into the world alone,

Travels through life as a person alone,

And moreover ultimately a person dies alone.


Loneliness Loneliness,

Mind and soul independence.


                                                                                   ~ Mondira Ganguly

                                                                                      Bangalore, India


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  2. Minu Pradeep

    thought provoking!.. very valid in the current scenario…

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