In Deep Tranquility

Millions gleaming sparks on the harbor by the shore but the cities are still dark in the nascent dawn

It’s obvious, no baffle, these diamond pearls by the sea bed can’t feed the starving deaths

There is some listless wind hanging on the streets coming from the mountains to the shore

In the course, it brings the moisture of tears and the shreds of letters that never delivered


Eventually, the breeze ends and dissolves in the sourness of the sea, traveling miles whispering the agony

It screams out loud in the huge waves of flood and weeps in the still serene water

But the water never reaches the other side, probably hesitate to cross the horizons

The voice settles in the deep sea bed along with the pearls and rests all day long.


Won’t say the flowers don’t blossom; they do by the flood in the annihilated soil

The petals look fine for just a matter of time, getting ripped in the scorching heat by the next dusk

Splendid it is, sipping tea in the embrace of nature, turning back from forest fires

And even the weakest wind uprooted the forests when the spring refused to bloom.


And all the seamless oceans departing from the shores spurned, we thought just a tide but they never returned.

Yearned for some shelter in the rains, the rains quit inhabiting the shelter

Then I woke up with the chirping of the birds, now only some feathers in my verandah,

then at every twilight, I sleep and sleep in deep tranquility.


                                                                                                                         ~Aaqib Khatibi

                                                                                                                            Bhilai, India

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