To be fair, I won’t die for you,

Too many people would die for you,

I’ll live for you.


Blueberry muffins on a Wednesday evening,

That’s how I feel about you,

I wish I had the skill to write a whole book of flowery sonnets for you,

But I’d rather sing them to you.


You, you are my favourite escape,

My soul slips from my fingers and flies into yours like it just belongs there,

I find the odour of old books and rich paper in you,

A burnt house, an escapism, a mirage of colours,

Red, green, silver and blue.


I see the stars in your eyes; I feel them glowing,

I wonder if they are carved into the marble of your heart,

I feel consumed, when I want to feel craved,

Oh, my love, you scare me with your earthly art.


Stargazing has become too common,

You sit beside me smelling like warmth, assurance and musk,

I am contented for a while,

I have had you with me from the dawn, now till the dusk.


It feels good to be adored by you,

To be alive at the same time as you,

You needing me as much as I need you.


God help me, for I love you,

But after a long, long rainy day, maybe so do you.


                                                                                            ~ Anantinee Mishra

                                                                                           New Delhi, India


  1. Great line of thinking

  2. Sagar Mohanty

    Very well written

  3. Is it a poem?Expression of powerful emotions-Rich communications.

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