Dearest Zombie

Should I write about you,

or describe the way you are?

or write about the butterflies,

I felt whenever I saw you?

or the symphonies I heard,

when I saw your name somewhere?

Should I tell the magical vibes,

I get by seeing your pics?

or the moment of victory for me,

that I’m known to you?

or write about the best fall ever,

by falling in love with you?

should I write about your kind gesture,

when you asked about my health?

or the heartbeat I skipped,

when I got a message from you?

or write about the heartbreak,

heartache and what not;

when I get blocked by you?

should I question myself more,

about what to write or not?

or must’ve written about it?


                                                                             ~ Summiaya Nilofer Kichloo

                                                                                     Kishtwar, India

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