Come along, come together
Be a force, and be the support
Raise your hand to reach out to another
Who feels let down and wants to retort.


Raise your voice against discrimination
Equal are both, respect the person
A helping hand at the time of pain
Will let her revive from intimidation.


Love her, respect her, and let her be
What she is and what she wishes to be
Destroy the cage of inhibitions that sorround
Give her, her space to fly all around.


Sooner one day she will grow  so strong
To face and fight all the on-going wrong
A glow on her face, will  scintillate with pride
As she moves past all,  taking the world on her stride.


                                                                                            ~ Dr. Naaz Shaikh

                                                                                                 Hosapete, Karnataka, India

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