Across The Pandemic

Sunset is over and the darkness of the night has advanced

The peril of the pandemic is on us

And the gust has started to invade amass.

 Confusion is around and nobody sees the light

The wind is crushing, violent all night

And the storm has blasted everywhere left and right.


“Teacher, teacher our mentor

Carry us in your arms with vigor

As we cross this disaster, a turbulent chore,

To dwell on the far and peaceful shore.”


“Youngsters, youngsters I adore

Here’s my hand but can’t carry you all.

The waves are so great and I’m so afraid

That we will succumb to the violent current.”


“Teacher, teacher we beg you so dear

We trust your wisdom and insight so clear

Guide our weanlings pass this water

And not to fall in the midst of the hurdle”


“Youngsters, youngsters

Your folks have declared

Hear me as I speak.

We’ll act as one to defeat the beast

The darkness that have invaded the least.

The skill of learning that I’m about to give

Will shower you

With the knowledge that you’ll need

 To cross this river created by this pandemic

And to reach the shore beneath the plentiful peak.”


                                                                             ~ Nelia Garcia Gutierrez


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