🚥Traffic🚦Twinkles Reflecting Poverty Wrinkles

Yellow, Green & Red Unite at a juncture!

Where speed turns into puncture!!

It is where… traffic twinkles..

sound pollution spread as sprinkles!!


Every traveler is in hurry …

But, obeying traffic rules are necessary!!

Though, wearing helmets & masks is regulatory!

But, isn’t these are protective blankets & keep your family satisfactory!!


If see..traffic beyond lighting lamp!

It’s a juncture of several other emotional camps!!

Its reflect different meaning for different Indian class!

In the so-called airconditioner class..

 it means a rest container!

For the lower middle class, it means frustrating regulator !!


Once traffic release.. car seaters move away like terminators…

Rickshaw pullers got stuck like broken stove regulators!!


Seeing some kids knocking vehicles’ windows..

Some eyes catch their poverty..

Some eyes wished for their liberty…

Liberty! But from what?

Liberty from bondage…

liberty from staring eyes encroaching their body & torn clothes..

Liberty from not treating them as refugee in their own country …

Liberty from poverty …


 Traffic light again twinkles …

My imaginary journey comes into reality …

I found nothing novelty …

It is the brutal traffic cruelty ..

Traffic not stuck vehicles ..

It also reflects stucked future of India…the traffic toddlers.


~ Shonit Nayan 

New Delhi


  1. Debdoot Mukherjee

    Nice title..

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