Yet to Find

Years have weighed upon me

 or I have used years

 yet to find…

 a small stir even

 brews a storm

 and I become a loud shriek


 Memory of previous seasons

 kisses me gently

 as quiet distills into life’s arena

 leaving me nostalgic

 some speechless seconds

 then I steel myself

 like the dusky horizon just before rains

 and gulp down dark secrets


 Creaks of my aging caracass

 make me realise

 I have lived enough life

 time ripe now to take leave

 like a quaint hush…a subdued pause

 let me settle with the dust.


                                                                                              ~Sujata Dash

                                                                                                  Bhubaneswar, India

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  1. Wonderful composition !

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