Why Teacher, Be A Slave

Belie Agog! Agog!!!


I want freedom, so I do

The best part of my clue

Though thou dost, not want

The liberty of my pulse


Doth I’m treated as a slave

Though I am a bard, a free will

I don’t believe, of caste, of creed

Neither will accept, any false dude


Belie Agog! Agog!! They don’t know

We are born to rock,

Nor be their foolish slave

Hath change, if wrath, they want


Soon or late, today or the after yet

I’ll destroy their egotistical grudge

Facile, ye unfaithful agitation

I deliberately doomed their dome


They want disruption, I will create peace

To show them, the power

What hath posses the sword

Of pen to demolish the stone walls


Yet, no stoned wall as powerful as my ink

Ye can break the iron bars

And the walls made by stone

Wait a little more I’ll see you in the dark.


                                                                                ~Saleem Raza Jakhar

                                                                                          Sindh, Pakistan

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