Why Don’t You Talk to Me?

It was 10 o’clock in the evening

And I was working

Where she called me

And I was surprised


She is the one whom I love

But I am afraid if I get hurt

I have expressed my feelings for her

But what if she never accepts and leave me in fear


She knows that I love her

I have written numerous words to her to be my lover

Though she loves reading and receiving my letters

But never says that she loves me too oh my admirer


She says she’s tired due to works so she wants to go to bed

I sympathize her saying I saw her pictures on Facebook working hard instead

She says so if you were online then why don’t you talk to me

I wanted to say I want to talk to you badly but I fear you might keep silent of my love and abandon me where I might go crazy


She’s my words

My hopes and reality

She is my dreams

My charms and university

And I love her more and more

Want her to be mine and live life as a metaphor


                                                                                                 ~ Moin Uddin

                                                                                              Kathmandu, Nepal

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