Where Will She Go?

Where will she go?

To avoid the treachery

Found within the misogynist walls of that shack

She is obliged to call home.

Where will she go?

To escape the repulsive stares

Which torment her

When she walks down that casteist road.

Where will she go?

To break loose from the bounds of patriarchy

Which question her every action

And slap curbs on her desires.

Where will she go?


Wait for death

As her life is shattered beyond repair,

Wait to be reborn

With an identity

That holds esteem

In the eyes

Of the despots of mankind.

Where can she go?

To relieve herself

From the affliction that engulfs her

Concealed behind that forced smile.

Where can she go?

Far way

From a husband,

Drunk on masculinity

From a government,

Drunk on bureaucracy

From a society,

Drunk on class and caste.

Where can she go?


                                                             ~ Shrey Verma

                                                                  New Delhi, India

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  1. Very well said. It’s high time these chains of unnecessary restrictions/ distinctions were broken & equality was granted to one & all.

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