Valentine’s Day

What do I covet on a valentine’s day?

Not a heart-shaped red balloons in air  to flick, 

As the form lasts as long as a prick;

Not a box of sweet  chocolate to relish,

As sweetness exists  as long as it melts  in mouth;

Not a beautiful bunch of roses to cluch, 

As beauty survives as long as it  dries;


Not an elegant trendy attire to deck,

As the charm prevails as long as colour fades ;

Not an expensive gift of ornament to adorn,

As its elegance remains as long as it’s in fashion;

Not an soft Musical velvety teady bear,

As it’s softness reign as long as cotton within;


All I crave is for romantic time together,

With sweet warm hug of love, 

Soft music of bliss in  heart,

Blush the softy  cheeks, In your presence,  

Love is magical feeling  that influence,

To be happy  throughout,

Happy Valentine day.


                                                                                                                                          ~ Veena Satish

                                                                                                                                              Mumbai, India 

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