Uncertain Fate

Now we live our lives with laughter and joy

A moment filled with ecstasy leading to cloy

We never know when our happiness may end

When to the bottomless pit we may descend


As the river cannot stay all its time at its source

It is compelled to flow down following its course

The places we dwell and people we meet are uncertain

As it all depends on the karmic life we live, for certain


We meet some people on our way and forget them fast

Some touch our heart, in our memory forever they last

Weighing over the thousands of others few ones we choose

Those are the friends, most valuable ones, painful to lose


We wish things around to happen as we desire

But we have no control to change as we aspire

Other than to follow what we are destined by fate

Uncertain events take place around sooner or late


The Mother Nature has beautiful lesson the teach

Far better than a well-versed scholar can preach

We may be wealthy, healthy, sad, happy, poor or rich

To control our life as we desire is beyond our reach


                                                                                                 ~Deepak Raj Chetri


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  1. JuvyLyn Gando

    The only thing that is constant is change …so don’t be stressed with the things we can’t control! 🤗

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