The Beach

On the beach I sat

Enjoying a leisurely day

The sea stretched out for miles

Looking ever so fresh & boundless

All I could see was bluish green water..

Flowing like a massive bridal veil

The mountain beyond it like sentinels stood

Kissing the sky on one side & the sea on the other.

The white clouds hugged it’s peak

The gushing waves dashed against it

Outspreading a beautiful spray of water

Like a Peacock’s tail unfurled

The rhythmically musical rising & receding waves —

Cast a spell on one & all luring everyone..

To plunge into the water

Umpteen heads of various shades

Bobbed up & down along with..

The racing milky waves..

Higher & higher they rose

Sweeping people off their feet

Engulfing them at times

Kids played, screamed, challenged & raced

With the frothy milky water

Their joyful cries added music to the

Cadence of the waves

The sun & the clouds provoked each other

The moody clouds not wishing to be

a killjoy

Let the Sun take a peek at

The cheerful beach, in between

A light & a heavy drizzle

The seagulls flew across the sky & over the waters

Diving whenever their eyes caught something interesting!

They looked so very majestic

Walking on the sand

A boat sailing across..

Soon appeared like a dark dot on

The watery corrugated carpet

Spread far & wide

A cargo ship too drifted away smoothly

The sea, the sand, the grass, the sky

All looked awesome..

Ecstasy conquered the beach

Everyone wrapped in an exhilarating mood

Happily dumped & forgot

The stressful life for a day

Away from the din & noise of city

Some just sat, lay down or played

While others enjoyed a barefoot walk

The beautiful weather & the water

Awakened the sleeping child in adults!

A recreation ground it turned into

With all the jumping, running, prancing in the water

What a lovely rapturous relaxing day it was!


                                                                                            ~Anuradha S. Bannore

                                                                                                Vadodara, India


  1. Wow, just awesome !! What a beautiful and detailed description of the beach..

  2. I got to be at the beach through your poem👍🙂

  3. a beautiful presentation so easily ignored by many but captured awesomely Ms Bannore
    yes the titillating waters , the clouds, the rising waves and flowing waters capture attention of only those who have the eyes to glorify in nature
    a charming poem indeed
    thanks for capturing the natural beauty of nature in such a thrilling manner

  4. I’m happy that all of you enjoyed & appreciated my poem. Thanks

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