I am a foam sequinned waterfall

Gushing from the fettered ankle

Of the cyan speckled ceramic parasol,

suffering from whooping cough,

since it was wrung after the last torrent…

Often I crack, but subtly…

I have been learning subtlety,

By smothering my blossoms nonchalantly…

I have been hankering to write about pain

Those shoals of piranhas, wandering through me

Scraping my bones, with their fire-spitting tongues…

Albeit neither I write, nor I sketch

I just lie as a slice of skin

Smeared with a few sprinkles of crimson dreams

A connaissance spilling butterfly that sat on my toe nail…

She reminds me that we all need to,

open the windows of our chrysalis…

Wipe our brine soaked cheeks

Let them shimmer, as they are being caressed

By finger tips dusted with the white Tulip stupor…


                                                                    ~ Jyoti Nair

                                                                           Mumbai, India

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  1. Awesomely written…

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