Silence is a fabricating scream,

It fulfills a violent dream,

If you once gently embrace,

It relieves all your stress,

Why engage yourself in futile talk,

When you’ve inside an eternal stock,

It doesn’t cost an arm and leg,

To be reticent is as easy as to beg,

Just take a breath in and out,

Don’t hate, torture and shout,


Silence is an extinguished fire,

Cinders are yet burning inside the desire,

Let’s wear the cloak of quiet,

Its sleeves are flowing like the light,

It will not leave you at distant corner,

Nor will it make you a lonely mourner,

Oh! It’s pleasure a meditation of mind,

No posture needed just mind to be kind,

So let’s be silent within it’s so serene,

To find you as a pal, others are so mean,


                                                                                     ~ Rabindra Soni

                                                                                       Rewa, India

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