Pluck the Day

What I missed is gone with the wind

what is to be …

I am yet to find

for I am thoroughly drenched in

carpe diem spirit


Each speck of smile I flaunt today

in the waves of mist and foggy pathway

is deeply immersed in the syrup of love

you are the reason behind

lending credence

to my voice’s distinct flavor


A meandering hope

in the flickering silhouettes of silence

has stood tests of time and garnered reverie

wisps of belief dare embrace

tall mountains today

striding across lesser peaks


I have folded my loneliness

come out of languor and life’s maze

a fresh breath oozes out

from the embers of molten desire

overhauls my soul… being and existence.



                                                                                      ~ Sujata Dash 

                                                                                     Bhubaneswar, India

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