Month: February 2021


Blue Lantern Memories

by Ayushi Chandra Along a sunlit lane down the Formosa Street lived a girl in the house of Blue lantern, where beauty hushed down in slow crescendoes and the dappling red light over her face showed no hint of pain but numbness of ages old. She was quiet not in […]


Living Affairs

Being the man of your own accord Even if you cannot become a man of success Being the human of the man Beating the inhuman of the man Living the death unlived; a mortal wheel of freedom. Dying the lively death; Moral circle of completeness Joins the immortal circumference Of […]



December feels a little like the mountains, a little fresh, and a lot of cold, somewhat like the smell of old letters, and rust, and soft cotton-candy a bit like the snug blankets, comforting the soft, pale skin and vibrant pupils coruscating in golden sunlight.   December feels a lot […]



Some have strange allure- All over them – The way they talk, The way they carry themselves – The way they write – The way speaks of passionate things- The way they dream in colour- The way they fall in love with life!               […]


The Disputed Site in Ayodhya

The disputed structure of Babri Masjid in Ajodhya was built on birthplace of Lord Ram. Hindus believe that location of birthplace of Lord Ram is mentioned in the religious books. Therefore, evidence was essential to get disputed site in Ajodhya for the construction of a Ram temple. Sunni Waqf Board […]


Life Teaches Dawn to Dusk

Sometimes… Life is a dream We all are dreaming.   Another time… Life is an enigma We all try to reveal it.   Sometimes… Life is an illusion We all live in it.   Truly… Life is a journey From dawn to dusk A conundrum or a maze A question […]