Is She Using Me?

I have been waiting
And kept waiting and hoping
But it shattered my feelings
And I am hurt

Done everything to make it work
Wrote words and sentences full of art
Sent it to her to win her heart
But I was left waiting in dark

Is she using me
I’ve said her clearly if she doesn’t have feelings then stop talking to me
So that I could be calm and go away from the hullabaloo of her thoughts
But she comes back but never says what I want to hear and makes my situations worst

Had I not been a good person with morals
Then the story would have been with different puzzles
I am left in chaos between values and ideals
So this has tucked me hard in the ground of love to win or to let go of her troubles

                                                                                              ~ Moin Uddin

                                                                                              Kathmandu, Nepal

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